The Sun Is Setting On Darren Miller

With the sun fast setting on Darren Miller, he is in a race against Mother Nature in the Tsugaru Channel in Japan.

The water temperature has dropped from a high of 21 degrees C to 16.  He is getting cold, but he is also fighting the hypothermia demons ready to pounce.  The surface water conditions have smoothed out as he is approaching shore, less than 2 miles to his finish on Hokkaido.

His legs have cramped up but his stroke count is still about 60 and he continues to bark orders to his brother Matthew on the escort boat skippered by Captain Mizushima.

Nearing 14 hours, the swim has gone on a lot further than Miller first anticipated. Stephen Redmond of Ireland, the next swimmer up for the challenge tomorrow morning, has been following his swim all day, giving support via telephone. “I am cold and my legs are cramping up, but keep them warm drinks coming up,” was his latest words spoken from the Tsugaru Channel.

The climax of his charity swim for Team Forever will be soon.  Stay tuned.

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Steven Munatones