The Swimming Gardener Sprouts Lots Of Great Ideas

The Swimming Gardener Sprouts Lots Of Great Ideas

Steve White, known as the Swimming Gardener, is a British open water swimmer with lots of creative ideas for charity.

The 43-year-old once swam 15 miles in a little over 10 hours through stormy seas from Littlehampton to Worthing and back. raised more than £13,000 in the process, mostly for The Chestnut Tree House Children’s Hospice in West Sussex and a smaller sum for the RNLI which provided White with escorts and a support crew every stroke of the way.

As a long-term back pain sufferer I took up endurance swimming as a way of controlling back pain and keeping fit,” explains White. “In 2011 I swam 15 miles in a stormy English Channel from Littlehampton to Worthing and back. In 2012, I suffered a major deep vein thrombosis whilst raising funds for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust and became more angry and determined than ever. Six weeks after the DVT, I swam 6 km in the River Arun to help film an episode of ‘Fat, the fight of my life’ for Sky Television.”

In 2013, White performed the ‘Splash4cash‘, a 10-hour swim in which sponsors guessed how far he could swim on a route from Worthing to Littlehampton and up the river Arun against the current. “It was impossible to predict. The final distance was 23,410 metres, given the opposing current of England’s second fastest river, the actual distance swam through the water was just over 30 km.”

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