The Things They Will Talk About

The Things They Will Talk About

Gather 2 teenagers, a young adult, a 40-something-year-old, and a woman in her sixth decade of her life, isolate them on a small boat for 5 straight days, place unfathomable physiological stress and psychological pressure on them, and what will they talk about? How will they emotionally support one another?

Will the energy of youth by balanced by the wisdom of maturity? Who will emerge as the leader, the motivator, and the team players?

Only time and experience will tell as the cross-generational Because Girls Can relay of Colleen Shields (61), Nicole Mallette (48), Samantha Whiteside (23), Rebekah Boscariol (18), and Mona Sharari (18) start their 305 km (189.5-mile) attempt across the length of Lake Ontario on Tuesday. The women will swim in 2-hour legs throughout their expected 5-day adventure.

Oh,the stories they will tell when they get to the other side…

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