The Towel, The Miles, The Hard Work

The Towel, The Miles, The Hard Work

Photo courtesy of Matt Propert, Fenwick Island, Delaware.

Matt Propert is a freelance photographer from Santa Cruz, California who produces beautifully impactful images for exhibitions and National Geographic Society books and special edition magazines.

At his family cottage on Fenwick Island nestled in The Quiet Resorts along the Delaware shoreline, Propert captured thousands of images of the house that represent and instill powerful memories of his family and their time there.

Like Propert’s images and memories, a simple towel hanging to dry in a shower room, in a bedroom or in a locker room can instill a multitude of memories and images for the open water swimmer:

* the years of training and preparation
* a warm welcome after a cold water swim
* a completion of a race or a workout
* an essential tool of the sport
* a tough swim or long workouts
* an award or souvenir from an event

As welcome is a towel that is warm, new and soft, a towel that is stiff or sprinkled with sand represents hard work and dedication.

For more images by Matt Propert, visit here.

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Steven Munatones