The Ultimate Race At The Far Side Of The World

The Ultimate Race At The Far Side Of The World

Courtesy of Evgeny Levashev, Teriberka Bay, Russia.

The Arctic Swim is touted as the The Ultimate Race At The Far Side Of The World, organized by Alexandr Bazanov, Serge Rybkin, Andrey Mindryukov, Marat Bogdalov, and Evgeny Levashev of X-Waters.

The Arctic Swim offers two distances: half mile and 1 mile courses. The starting point of both races takes place on a sandy beach on the shore of Teriberka Bay, located 85 km from Murmansk and 1500 km from Moscow. The starts of two races will begin in different times so it is possible to take part in both races.

The competition and results of the ice swimmers will be separate from those swimmers who wear wetsuits.

For more information on the August 12th – 13th event, visit here or contact Evgeny Levashev at [email protected]

6-8°C is the expected water temperature in Teriberka Bay in August,” said Levashev. “It is the Arctic Ocean. The snow stays here until June and the sun doesn’t set until August. Is there anything more romantic than swimming race in the ice ocean?

Just set up a tent right on the beach with a view of the Northern Pole.

Safety is one of our priority, and every race is supported by professional lifeguards and emergency services. During the competition, boat navigation is stopped by official regulators

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