The Value Of Safety And Preparedness In The Open Water

The Value Of Safety And Preparedness In The Open Water

Who said this and what was being referred to?

…the greatest lesson to be learned which I have always felt, is the value of safety and preparedness. The ocean is an unpredictable environment with so many elements out of your control. But at the same time, there are many variables in our control that we can use to decrease the risks that we take. Most of these happen well before we ever enter the water, like physical conditioning equipment preparation, proper water safety training, and emergency planning…

Was it…

1. Kevin Murphy talking about his swim across Loch Ness against Des Renford?
2. Claudio Plit before the double-crossing of lac St-Jean in Quebec against Philip Rush?
3. Penny Dean as she was coaching Frank Reynolds across the Catalina Channel?
4. Dr. Jim Miller explaining the risk of marathon swimming on the FINA pro circuit?
5. Donal Buckley describing preparations for an extreme swim off the coast of Ireland?
6. Andrew Chin training for the Patagonia Extreme Cold Water Challenge in Chile?
7. Greg Cross preparing for a multi-race event for age-group and masters swimmers?
8. Penny Palfrey telling her story before attempting to swim from Oahu to Kauai in Hawaii?
9. Lexie Kelly talking about her first professional marathon swim?
10. Shelley Taylor-Smith speaking about her record-setting Manhattan Island Marathon Swim?
11. Melissa Gorman discussing preparations for the RCP Tiburon Mile in San Francisco Bay?
12. Greg Long talking about big-wave surfing?

The quote could possibly be stated by any of them, but it was Greg Long who was recently crowned the Big Wave World Champion who said it to the Orange County Register. With plenty of Billabong XXL Big Wave awards and stunt work in the Hollywood movie “Chasing Mavericks” to his credit, the 29-year-old surfer is readily acknowledged as one of the world’s most accomplished surfers.

Photo above shows Melissa Gorman.

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