The Water Looks So Calm

The Water Looks So Calm

Oceans Seven swimmers often underestimate the “English Channel of the Far East“.

With only 19 km separating its closest two points, the Tsugaru Channel is considered one of the easiest Oceans Seven channels. Even from the cliffs overlooking the Tsugaru Channel things below look calm.

But underneath that calm are so terrifically strong eddies and the dynamic Tsugaru Channel that plays havoc on the plans of channel swimmers.

With few exceptions, those who tackle both the long, well-known English Channel and the short, little-known Tsugaru Channel usually take a longer time swimming across the Tsugaru Channel. Halfway across, the swimmers usually realize that the English Channel of the Far East is a mightier beast than they ever imagined. Currently, Chris Kraus, Brian Ross, and Rick Gaenzle are battling those elements as they make their way from Honshu to Hokkaido on a 3-man relay.

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Steven Munatones