The Welcomed Agony Of Open Water Swimming`

The Welcomed Agony Of Open Water Swimming`

When we hear ice swimmers, channel swimmers, marathon swimmers and professional swimmers talk about the pain and agony of open water swimming, we ponder how unique and inspirational these athletes are.

Ashley Twichell says, …at the end of every 10 km …those last 100 meters your body, muscles, and brain are typically all screaming in pain – that feeling of intense burning is almost impossible to describe…”

Olympic silver medalist David Davies told the BBC after his Olympic 10K Marathon Swim at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, “For the last part of it I was delirious, I wanted it so bad. I’ve given it everything – the stretcher at the end was a bit mad, but I’ve got something to show for it. I felt a bit violated to be honest, people swimming all over me, and the last lap was a real struggle.”

I feel bloated, sick and achey and my right hip is agony. I just want to crawl into my bed and stay there for a few days. I’m not used to being swum over by angry Russians and Greeks.”

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