The Wonderful Water World, Swimming From Alcatraz

The Wonderful Water World, Swimming From Alcatraz

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Silicon Valley has a great way to make profound things simple.

The Google search engine, the iPhone, and the Facebook interface are examples that come immediately to mind.

So it does not surprise us that Pedro Ordenes and his colleagues at Water World Swim in San Francisco, California have developed a series of swims based around Alcatraz Island and created a series of race logos that succinctly and simply tell their story.

Water World Swim’s Winter Alcatraz is a challenging Alcatraz to Aquatic Park 1.25-mile swim in 48 to 50° water held on January 3rd 2015. Entry fees range from US$175 for members to US$250 for non Water World Swim members.

The Alcatraz Classic is a summer Alcatraz 1.25-mile crossing limited to a small group of fast swimmers held on May 23rd 2015. Entry fee range from US$140 for members to US$199 for non-members.

Touch Alcatraz n’ Go! is a 2.5-mile swim from Aquatic Park to Alcatraz where swimmers touch the rock and return. Entry fees range from US$190 for members and military to US$265-300 for non-members.

Alcatraz Swim With The Centurions is a large-group Alcatraz 1.25-mile swim with those who have done the swim more than 100 times held on September 6th 2015. Entry fees range from US155 for individuals of teams to US$175 for non-members.

Swim Around the Rock is a challenging 3.25-mile strategic swim from Aquatic Park, around Alcatraz, and back with the tides and fast currents held on July 25th 2015. Entry fees range from US$190 for members and military to US$265-300 for non-members.

Golden Gate Bridge is a thrilling 1.85-mile swim from the south tower of the Golden Gate Bridge to Finger Point Rock held on October 17th 2015. Entry fee is US$200 before Jan 31st (then $250).

Bridge to Bridge 10k is a 6.2-mile endurance swim from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Bay Bridge that is limited to elite swimmers and held on August 29th 2015. Entry fees range from US$150 for military to US$265-300 for non-members.

Water World Swim also offers a number of regularly scheduled events including:

Swim With Pedro, a weekly group practice and training with Coach Pedro Ordenes for swimmers of all ages and abilities.

Alcatraz Clinics, educational and introductory monthly clinics to learn about and prepare for an Alcatraz Crossing.

Alcatraz Crossings, opportunities to join a group of 30-35 swimmers for a monthly swim from Alcatraz.

Island to Island, a A 1.85-mile scenic monthly crossing surrounded by historic landmarks from Alcatraz to Angel Island.

For more information on these Water World Swim events and organization, visit here.

A 12-month membership for those swimmers over the age of 18+ is US$299.

A 12-month New Waves membership for those under 17 years is US$249.

A 12-month Returning membership is US$199.

A 6-month membership for those over the age of 18 is US$199.

Whether swimmers take on the challenge with or without wetsuits or neoprene caps, there are plenty of opportunities with Water World Swim and Coach Pedro.

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