The Words Of The Winter and Ice Swimming Community

The Words Of The Winter and Ice Swimming Community

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

The International Winter Swimming Association announced the inaugural Winter Swimming World Cup Series for the 2015 – 2016 season. The first five World Cup stages will take place in the following countries:

*The Jelgavas Roni Cup on November 7th in Jelgava, Latvia (visit here)
*The Big Chill Swim on 6th – 7th in February 2016 in Windermere, United Kingdom.
*The Scandinavian Winter Swimming Championships on February 2016 13th – 14th in Skellefteå, Sweden
*The 7th Pirita Open on 27th February 2016 held in Tallinn, Estonia
*The 10th Winter Swimming World Championships are held in 10th – 12th March 2016 in Tyumen, Russia

Depending on the location of the event and weather conditions, swim distances will range from 25m, 50m, 100m, 200m to 450m. The 1000m and 1 km participants usually comply with IWSA Water Temperature Classification. These are also the specialized words of the cold water swimming community:

*ambient air temperature
*blood Pressure check
*body heat loss
*chain saw
*circum-rescue collapse
*climatic zoning
*cold member
*cold shock response
*confined water swim
*controlled entry
*cold shock response
*core body temperature
*core cooling
*distressed swimmer
*dry suit
*Ephiphany swimming
*Furious Fifties
*high-altitude ice swim
*high-altitude ice mile
*high-altitude swimming
*hot tub
*hot wet towel recovery
*ice hold swimming
*Ice Ironman
*ice kilometer
*ice member
*ice mile
*ice pool swim
*ice swimming
*International Ice Swimming Association
*International Winter Swimming Association
*inspiratory gasp reflex
*IWSA Water Temperature Classification
*lido swim
*nice mile
*open water temperature perception scale
*post rescue collapse
*pulse oximeter
*recovery area
*Roaring Forties
*rough handling
*safety diver
*Shrieking Sixties
*stroke rate
*Table of Climatic Zones
*Time and Motion Rule
*tow float
*warm member
*water chill factor
*water pump
*wet start
*winter swimming
*Winter Swimming World Cup

Photo shows Lewis Pugh getting ready for colder temperatures.

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