Their Skin Turns Rosy And Their Jacket Is Red

Their Skin Turns Rosy And Their Jacket Is Red

Lelané Rossouw-Bancroft and Jason Malick are among the newest members of the International Ice Swimming Association for doing a one-mile swim in less than 5°C (41°F).

For that frozen feat, they have the honor of wearing the official red jacket of the International Ice Swimming Association.

Malick, who also works for Endless Pools, suggested various ways to acclimate for extreme swimming with an Endless Pool. “You can acclimate through a combination of turning down or off the pool heater while lowering the ambient room temperature to the below the 5°C mark in order to help bring the water to the ideal temperature. This can be done gradually to allow the body to get adjusted.

One advantage that an Endless Pool, just like any open water swim, is the simulation of swimming endlessly without flip turns, wall push-offs and changes of direction.

Plus, it gives great training on the effects of counter-currents that open water swimmers inevitably face. Ice baths are a way to test how your body will react before jumping in and swimming a mile in the sub 41°F water, but you are stationary in an ice bath. A key component of survival in cold water is movement which the Endless Pool enable. An ice bath, you may endure for 5-10 minutes, but in an Endless Pool, movement allows training for double or triple that time period

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Steven Munatones