THEMAGIC5 Review: Unleashing Custom Goggle Perfection

THEMAGIC5 Review: Unleashing Custom Goggle Perfection

Hey open water swimmers! Quinn Fitzgerald here, and today we’re diving deep into the world of THEMAGIC5 goggles. When I first caught wind of these goggles, I was absolutely captivated by the concept. Three technical founders bringing top-notch technology to the sport I love, all in the name of making swimming more fun and accessible? Count me in!

But let’s get real for a moment. Having a flashy marketing pitch doesn’t necessarily guarantee a stellar product. I had to see for myself if THEMAGIC5 could deliver. So, I embarked on this journey by downloading their app and scanning my face. I’ll be honest—I had a hint of skepticism. When it comes to swimming tech, I often expect a certain level of clunkiness. But boy, was I pleasantly surprised!

The app turned out to be remarkably simple and even brought a sense of enjoyment to the process. It made me feel like I was partaking in a next-generation consumer experience, and it instilled in me a sense of confidence that THEMAGIC5 had invested in cutting-edge technology to deliver goggles that truly fit.

Once my face scan was complete, I linked it to my desired goggle order. And to top it all off—the app allowed me to track the production progress, every step of the way. It brought me comfort knowing that my unique pair of goggles was being manufactured right here in the United States.

The day finally arrived when my goggles were delivered, and let me tell you, I was buzzing with excitement. There’s something intimate about receiving a custom pair of goggles, and I couldn’t wait to put them to the test at the pool.

True to expectation, they arrived on time. The attention to detail was evident from the get-go. They came packaged in a stunning hard protective case with clever drainage holes on the back. It wasn’t just a case—it was a display of elegance. Opening it up was akin to unwrapping a present on Christmas morning—I felt like a kid all over again.

I wasted no time putting on those goggles and gazing into the mirror. They exuded sleekness and sophistication, but the real test awaited me in the water. My first swim didn’t quite go as “swimmingly” as I had hoped—literally. There were leaks. While the gaskets were undeniably designed with my face in mind, they were set a tad too wide. It was a minor setback, but THEMAGIC5 had already prepared me for such scenarios.

Turns out, around 4% of customers encounter initial issues, which is why they offer a guarantee to replace ill-fitting goggles or provide a refund. I quickly filled out a short form to identify the leakage areas, and they expedited the shipping of a new pair, completely free of charge.

Now, armed with my new goggles, which now fit like a glove,  it’s time to evaluate THEMAGIC5 using my five criteria for assessing swim goggles: fit, comfort, visibility, look, and brand.

The Five Criteria

Fit? Oh boy, did these goggles deliver on their promise. They snugly fit my eye sockets, no need for excessive pressure or uncomfortable suction. It’s clear that this is no mere marketing gimmick. These goggles were meticulously crafted specifically for my eyes, effortlessly contouring to their every curve.

Comfort? Let me tell you, it’s off the charts. Once I hit the pool with my new pair, I completely forgot they were even on my face. Not a single adjustment required, not a single thought spared. Normally, I rest my goggles on my forehead during breaks, but these felt like a natural extension of my face. A total game-changer.

Visibility? Oh, they nailed it. I can see my competitors in a race, wildlife in the open water (if there happen to be critters), and even the approaching wall in the pool without having to lift my head and lose precious speed. While many goggles sport curved lenses that distort depth perception, THEMAGIC5 took a different approach. They created angular panels for each quadrant, optimizing peripheral vision. Plus, they offer three different tints to suit various indoor and outdoor swimming conditions.

Look? Can we take a moment to appreciate how stunning these goggles are? They exude a futuristic charm that sets them apart. While some swimming gear may not necessarily scream “cool,” these goggles break the mold. The cut lens design adds a touch of modernity, and the array of color options is mind-boggling. Personally, I’m sporting the Blue Magic variant—a mesmerizing rainbow gold-tinted lens paired with a sleek black strap. It not only looks fantastic but also makes me feel fantastic.

And finally, brand. Now, I get it. Brand loyalty might not be everyone’s thing. But for me, it matters. I want to know that the brands I support are making positive waves in the world and the sport I love. As swimmers, we don’t have countless opportunities to represent brands, so I make it a point to be mindful of who’s behind the products I wear. For me, THEMAGIC5 represents a tremendous leap forward in terms of technology. I wholeheartedly support innovative companies that push the envelope, and these founders, with their elite swimming and triathlon backgrounds, have set out to make swimming an enjoyable experience for everyone. That’s something I can get behind.

So there you have it—the lowdown on THEMAGIC5 goggles! They check all the boxes: fit, comfort, visibility, look, and brand. Dive headfirst into the world of THEMAGIC5, and trust me, you won’t be disappointed. It’s time to swim like a boss. Stay motivated, stay inspired and swim free!

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