There Is Nothing That Can Be Compared To It

There Is Nothing That Can Be Compared To It

Bicycle Dreams is the dramatically told, true story of the Race Across America, a 3000-mile bike race across America.

The solo and relay race is legendary among land-based endurance athletes and the American media who often call it the hardest race in the world.

But we ask: Can the solitude of a cyclist on the roads across America be compared to the solitude of a marathon swimmer…who swims at night in the open ocean where visibility is limited to a few meters? Can the fear of sleeping too little over a 10-day period be compared to the dangers of facing sharks or upcurrents of freezing water? Can the pain of cycling uphill be compared to the discomfort of being attacked by Portuguese Man-o-War?

We think so, but the cyclists still make great characters and colorfully describe their incredible efforts in inspirational movies. We love when similar stories are told in open water swimming films.

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Steven Munatones