There's A Mann Amongst The Women

There’s A Mann Amongst The Women

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

The youngest lady among the lead pack at tomorrow’s USA Swimming National Open Water Swimming Championships in Southern California will undoubtedly be a Mann.

As in 16-year-old Becca Mann from Clearwater, Florida. At the 2013 championships in Castaic Lake, Mann swam head-to-head over 3 hours against the toughest field in American female open water swimming history…and came within 3.2 seconds of winning both races.

In the 5 km race, Mann barely lost to 2012 Olympic silver medalist Haley Anderson, 1:00:36.51 to 1:00:38.04. In the 10 km marathon race, she lost another close one to Christine Jennings, 2:02:14.33 to 2:02:16.06.

The competition has only gotten better and the women are even more fit and faster than ever.

Tomorrow’s 10 km USA Swimming Open Water National Championship race will serve as the 2014 U.S. Trials for the American teams at the Open Water Pan Pacific Championships, the Open Water Junior Pan Pacific Championships, the FINA World Junior Open Water Championships, and for the USA Swimming Open Water National Team and USA Swimming Open Water National Junior Team. Anderson, Ashley Twichell, Jennings, Eva Fabian, Emily Brunemann, and Tristin Baxter are just some of the top women expected to be swimming stroke-for-stroke with Mann.

In other words, there is a whole lotta national team trips and many international opportunities available. USA Swimming will webcast the men’s and womens competitions live at

The 2013 final results of the women’s 10 km:

1. Christine Jennings 2:02:14.33
2. Becca Mann 2:02:16.06
3. Eva Fabian2:02:16.35
4. Emily Brunemann 2:02:16.50
5. Ashley Twichell 2:02:17.14
6. Tristin Baxter 2:02:17.81
7. Rachel Zilinskas 2:02:19.05
8. Haley Anderson 2:02:21.01
9. Brooke Lorentzen 2:02:26.25
10. Lauren Abruzzo 2:04:34.09
11. Lindsey Clary 2:04:51.13
12. Heidi George 2:05:46.54
13. Lauren Baker 2:09:11.09
14. Jessie Arnold 2:10:44.79
15. Kaitlin Pawlowicz 2:11:06.85
16. Liliana Casso 2:11:07.06
17. Katy Campbell 2:11:35.80
18. Amanda Richey 2:12:47.76
19. Audra Burtch 2:20:40.13

Photos of Becca Mann were taken minutes after the 2013 5 km race including an untouched gel pack still tucked under her swimsuit on her right leg.

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