Thermodynamics, Swimming And Panpsychism Relationships

Thermodynamics, Swimming And Panpsychism Relationships

International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame inductee and famed marathon swimmer Ted Erikson offered a proposal/challenge here.

Ted explores the intersection of thermodynamics, swimming and panpsychism.

“…the goal is to identify and define panpsychism (a very ancient philosophy implying ALL things are aware and exhibit a hierarchy of consciousness). Unusual uses of geometry, swims and ‘staedic’ thermodynamic principles (proposed by Professor Tykodi over 50 years ago) are to be employed to infer its measure.”

Ted was a graduate student who studied under Professor Tykodi in the 1950s and is interested in exploring panpsychism as a hidden and apparently missed science to honor the Professor Ralph J. Tykodi. Read more here.

Swimming takes you into a world of panpsychism,” says Ted. “To define it in a scientific manner is a challenge to physics.”

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Steven Munatones