These Open Water Guys Really Know What They're Doing

These Open Water Guys Really Know What They’re Doing

This aerial photo from Fly Me Cancun from the FINA 10km Marathon Swimming World Cup race in Cancún, Mexico shows how straight the professional marathon swimmers can navigate in the open ocean.

The pro swimmers have no lead boat or escorts to guide them; they just have an innate feel for the open water. Their high navigational IQ is one of the prerequisites for competing at the highest levels.

Sometimes, they take a beeline straight to the next buoy. Sometimes, they take the elements (winds, waves, tides, currents and swells) into account for the fastest route.

In the photo above, the pros cut nearly the most optimal line possible in the loop course in the Caribbean Sea. Watch these pros go at it during the Olympic marathon swimming 10km course (shown here and below).

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Steven Munatones