Thie Convery's Swims From America To Canada

Thie Convery’s Swims From America To Canada

Last month, Thie Convery swam 18.6K across Lake Erie from New York, to Ontario in 7 hours and 20 minutes. “I wasn’t bothered by the distance. But the southwest waves, peaking at 1.5 meters, slowed my pace, disrupted my freestyle stroke and wreaked havoc on my head and stomach,” said Thie to the Dundas Star News.

I didn’t know you could get seasick in the water. But I kept stroking and kicking, despite the nausea and headache.”

For me, just being able to look into the eyes of a friend who has the same goal as I do — to eradicate the polio virus from the face of the Earth – that’s what kept me going,” said Thie who was referring to Coach Karin Hornblower and fellow swimmer Marilyn Korzekwa alongside in an inflatable Zodiac.

As a follow-up this week, Thie attempted a 52K crossing of Lake Ontario, sanctioned by Solo Swims of Ontario, but turbulent water conditions defeated her Swim To End Polio where she had arranged for all monies being matched by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Her team reported from the turbulent lake, “Due to the mounting waves the swim had to be ended. The 2-meter high waves made it impossible to control the boats, and of course impossible for Thie. She was taken aboard the larger boat in excellent condition, and in good spirits. We are all dissappointed, but it was a great effort on everyone’s part.”

It most certainly was.

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