Things I Hate About The Friendly Skies

Things I Hate About The Friendly Skies

In order to cover and promote the sport of open water swimming, we have flown over 2.6 million air miles – or over 104 complete circumnavigations of the Planet Earth.

We have boarded hundreds, if not thousands, of airplanes and am eternally grateful for the safe arrival of all our flights.

We love being upgraded and the extra leg room and better food. We appreciate getting in the airport lounges. We are grateful to kind and considerate flight attendants who go the extra step.

We do not mind crying babies, turbulence, no movies, or middle seats on the numerous flights we take. We can understand delayed flights, missed connections, and bad-tasting food. We can deal with bad weather, oversold flights, lost luggage, and increased prices during vacation periods.

But in traveling around the world, we have our pet peeves:

1. The flight attendants who complain endlessly about their work in the gallery within our earshot.
2. Getting whacked in the shoulder by the food carts as the flight attendants pass by.
3. Flight attendants who cut in front of us in the security check line.
4. Security personnel who drop our laptops and other electronic equipment…and do not apologize.
5. Sitting in the middle seat where our seat mates do not allow us to use the elbow rests.
6. Guys who snore and make the windows rattle.
7. Fellow passengers who spill over and take part of our preciously narrow economy-class seats.
8. Individuals who are not considerate to fellow passengers who are young, old, injured, or infirmed.
9. Verbose and arrogant passengers who loudly use foul or course language while touting their exploits in business or academia. In contrast, we smile when grandmothers proudly explain the achievements of their grandchildren.
10. Economy-class seats that do not recline.

Photos show Ashley Twichell in various sleeping positions on a long flight.

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