Things Looking Up Colorfully For Robin Rasmussen Rose

Things Looking Up Colorfully For Robin Rasmussen Rose

Courtesy of Catalina Channel Swimming Federation, Catalina Channel, California.

Robin Rasmussen Rose, a 57-year-old American open water swimmer from Aptos, California, is a very active open water swimmer, mentor and enthusiast.

Rose serves as a board member of the Monterey Bay Swimming Association, is a Lifetime Member of the Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association, a member of the South End Rowing Club, and completed the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming and the California Triple Crown of Marathon Swimming* today with her 16 hour 40 minute 24 second crossing of the Catalina Channel.

Catalina Channel Swimming Federation observer Lynn Kubasek recalled her swim, “This was an epic swim where we had many dolphins, a few whales, and a yellow submarine, a first for me.

Late on June 21st evening, Robin slipped into the Pacific Ocean off Catalina Island. She had already completed the crossings of the English Channel, Anacapa Island, Manhattan Island circumnavigation, and crossed Lake Tahoe. This was the final piece to complete her California Triple Crown of Marathon Swimming and the Triple Crown.

The water was a steady 66-67°F the whole way across and fairly smooth as she was accompanied by the vessel Pacific Star with captains were Dave and Jake Harvey with deckhands Elwood and Max.

Robin’s crew chief and coach was Kim Rutherford. John Blair, Jack Rose, Jim Rasmussen and Michelle Squyer were her safety kayakers. Scott Tapley and Dan Simonelli were master-feeder-mixers and escort swimmers. Susanne Blair was the other CCSF observer. Robin walked up at Sacred Cove

Her solo swims include:

* October 2015: 19.6 km crossing from Anacapa Island to the mainland in 9 hours 39 minutes
* September 2016: 33.8 km crossing of the English Channel in 16 hours 15 minutes
* April 2017: 22.3 km crossing of the Apolima Strait in Samoa in 8 hours 31 minutes
* May 2017: 7.5 km Battle of Carlingford Lough in Ireland in 2 hours 10 minutes
* July 2017: 34.2 km crossing of Lake Tahoe in California in 16 hours 1 minute
* August 2017: 14 km Thames Marathon in England in 4 hours 43 minutes
* September 2017: 45.9 km 20 Bridges Swim of Manhattan in New York in 8 hours 41 minutes
* April 2018: 4 stage swims of the SCAR Swim Challenge in Arizona:
** 13.3 km Saguaro Lake in 4 hours 46 minutes
** 14.1 km Canyon Lake in 4 hours 54 minutes
** 22.8 km Apache Lake in 7 hours 40 minutes
** 9 km Roosevelt Lake in 4 hours 27 minutes
* May 2018,: 7.5 km Battle of Carlingford Lough in Ireland in 2 hours 39 minutes
* June 2018: 32.3 km Catalina Channel in 16 hours 40 minutes

* The California Triple Crown of Marathon Swimming includes three solo marathon swims in California (Santa Barbara Channel + Catalina Channel + Lake Tahoe). Colorful illustrations of Rose’s crossings of the English Channel, Lake Tahoe, Anacapa Channel and Catalina Channel are courtesy of Evan Morrison of the Marathon Swimmers Federation.

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