The Thinking Man In The Open Water

The Thinking Man In The Open Water

American Olympian Alex Meyer majored in Human Evolutionary Biology at Harvard University.

That is a deep academic field that he devoted himself to at one of the world’s most preeminent institutions of higher learning. His professors and department fundamentally asks themselves and inquisitive students like Meyer the question, Why are humans the way we are?

Throughout his years in Cambridge, Massachusetts where he trains in pools and lakes for the upcoming 2012 London Olympics, Meyer was taught and engaged in field and laboratory research focusing on genetics, anatomy, physiology, and behavior.

It is without a doubt given the billions of people on earth who cannot swim that those humans who are engaged in open water swimming, especially in the niche ecosystem of marathon swimming where Meyer finds himself, are extreme outliers of the species.

Or perhaps open water swimmers are simply the strongest of the species and a precursor to what mankind may evolve to over the millennia?!?

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Steven Munatones