Third Time Is A Charm For Ashley Twichell

Third Time Is A Charm For Ashley Twichell

Ashley Twichell had a summer of disappointment when she failed to qualify for the world championships as she had hoped, but she took some time off.

That reassessment seems to have worked its magic at the RCP Tiburon Mile. “Yeah, its seems the third time is a charm. The first two times out here, I lost, but the race went well this time. I know Haley Anderson and Keri-Anne Payne well and I saw them in the race. But I just put my head down and swam.”

The conditions seemed to suit her well as she looked more happy and satisfied than cold and tired at the finish. “The water was cold in the middle of the channel, but after all the hard swimming, it was warm by then. But I really didn’t want to look behind me.”

By earning a hard-fought US$10,000 winner-take-off first prize, the recently relocated professional marathon swimmer to North Carolina earned a nice big paycheck for her efforts. It will go far in helping her continue her swimming career.

I am looking forward to the rest of the season, going to Rio de Janeiro for the Queen of the Sea race in Brazil, and then enjoying the Midmar Mile in South Africa. These are such great races, just like the Tiburon Mile.”

How true.

The results of the top 10 female finishers at the RCP Tiburon Mile are shown below. The full results are posted here.

1. Ashley Twichell 25:09
2. Haley Anderson 25:25
3. Keri-Anne Payne 25:26
4. Lauren Baker 25:28
5. Kathryn Campbell 25:49
6. Luane Rowe 26:50
7. Brooke Bennett 26:57
8. Brigitte Winkler 28:18
9. Lexie Kelly 28:23
10. Margaux Verger Gourson 28:35

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