Thomas Allen Sprints To Opening FINA World Cup Victory

Thomas Allen Sprints To Opening FINA World Cup Victory

Youth was served at this weekend’s La Patagones Viedma marathon swim held in Argentina when a slew of veterans were upset by the young guard in the season-opening FINA 10K Marathon Swimming World Cup race.

The race was going to plan for the veterans lining up in perfect position for the final loop.

But then the unexpected occurred as Thomas Lurz’s lead was eaten up by a fast-charging young Welsh swimmer and a pair of emerging Germans.

Thomas Allen of Great Britain led Andreas Waschburger and Christian Reichert in the final frantic lap in the río Negro.

After the unexpected changing of the guard, Allen, Waschburger and Reichert stood on the awards podium as Olympians Evgenii Drattcev (8th), Valerio Cleri (9th), Allan Do Carmo (10th), Thomas Lurz (16th), Spyridon Gianniotis (20th), and Daniel Fogg (26th) finished way out of the money.

The final men’s results in front of an estimated 7,000 spectators in Viedma where a total of 59 competitors (27 women, 32 men) from 12 countries took part (the results of the women’s race is here).

1. Thomas Allen (GBR) 1:51:29:04
2. Andreas Waschburger (GER) 1:51:30:69
3. Christian Reichert (GER) 1:51:33:51
4. Ferderico Vanelli (ITA) 1:51:33:92
5. Matteo Furlan (ITA) 1:51:34:46
6. Damien Cattin Vidal (FRA) 1:51:36:42
7. Simone Ruffini (ITA) 1:51:37:54
8. Evgenii Drattcev (RUS) 1:51:41:36
9. Valerio Cleri (ITA) 1:51:42:26
10. Allan Do Carmo (BRA) 1:51:42:96
11. Romain Beraud (FRA) 1:51:44:36
12. Axel Reymond (FRA) 1:51:44:56
13. Guillermo Bertola (ARG) 1:51:45:12
14. Mario Sanzullo (ITA) 1:51:45:52
15. Diogo Villarinho (BRA) 1:51:45:92
16. Thomas Lurz (GER) 1:51:47:64
17. Jack Bernell (GBR) 1:51:48:02
18. Kirill Abrosimov (RUS) 1:51:57:10
19. Esteban Enderica (ECU) 1:52:04:56
20. Spyridon Gianniotis (GRE) 1:52:24:48
21. Christopher Bryan (IRL) 1:52:40:61
22. Guillaume Boscher (FRA) 1:58:33:10
23. Ivan Enderica (ECU) 2:00:13:94
24. Ivan Sitic (CRO) 2:01:11:48
25. Copac Roko (CRO) 2:01:13:57
26. Daniel Fogg (GBR) 2:01:14:10
27. Samuel De Bona (BRA) 2:07:54:84
28. Martin Carrizo Yunges (ARG) 2:08:21:90
29. Miguel Armijos Castillo (ECU) 2:10:13:88
30. Jeronimo Priede (ARG) 2:23:20:26
DNF Lucas Altamira (ARG)
DNF Santiago Enderica (ECU)

The next race on the FINA 10K Marathon Swimming World Cup circuit is in Manzanillo, Mexico on April 5th. The next race on the FINA Open Water Swimming Grand Prix circuit is on February 9th in Hernandarias-Parana in Argentina.

Photo courtesy of Prensa Provincia.

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