Thomas Lurz And Swann Oberson Fine Tuning In London

Thomas Lurz And Swann Oberson Fine Tuning In London

Thomas Lurz and Swann Oberson won the delayed British Gas Great East Swim that was delayed due to weather and winds.

On the surface, Lurz took a weekend off of his intense training. With only 53 days left until the upcoming Olympic Marathon Swimming 10km on August 10th in the Serpentine, a weekend trip to England seems a bit out of character. But on a more profound level, racing a mile is just part of his comprehensive preparation to leave no stone unturned in his quest for Olympic gold.

On the surface, he told Anglia News, “The [Great East Swim] was really nice, the weather was good, the conditions were perfect so it was nice to race and be a part of the race.”

Like Oberson with her own Olympic planning, Lurz was able to experience the variable British weather, enjoy the local foods and get in a fast race-pace mile against some professional competition. He was also able to face the pressure of winning, fine-tune his navigational skills in a new course, and experience a crowded start – all good reasons to head towards Alton Water Park in Suffolk for the weekend.

The elite results:

1. Thomas Lurz (GER) 16:52:03
2. Jan Posmourny (CZE) 17:02:78
3. Stefan Sigrist (SUI) 17:14:07

1. Swann Oberson (SUI) 18:29:45
2. Isabelle Haerle (GER) 18:31:51
3. Maaike Waaijer (NED) 18:38:99

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