Thomas Lurz Unveiled In The Virtual World

Thomas Lurz Unveiled In The Virtual World

Check out the top pro triathletes – or even your average triathlete – and they usually have knock-out, dynamic, robust, colorful promotional websites. Open water swimmers like Damian Blaum, Poliana Okimoto and Maarten van der Weijden have cool and informative websites, but open water swimmers seem to be less self-promotional than their triathletes counterparts. But as we get closer to the Olympic 10K Marathon Swim in London, things seem to be changing.

Thomas Lurz, one of the 10K gold medal favorites, has turned viral with a new Facebook page.

As the pro athletes step up their training and intensity leading to the Olympics, we suspect their Facebook and online social marketing strategies and website presense will similarly be taken to a higher level.

Photo shoots, marketing ploys and agent representation will become part of their arsenal to unveil themselves to the sporting world.

It will be fun to watch them in the water, in print and the virtual world.

Photo above is of Keri-Anne Payne, Great Britain’s top marathon swimmer and 2008 10K silver medalist.

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Steven Munatones