Those Post-Swim Waffles Were Excellent

Those Post-Swim Waffles Were Excellent

After an open water swim, especially a long one or a hard one, food just seems to taste so much better than usual.

And that seemed to be the case at the Kingdom Swim in Vermont were the most delicious waffles were shared by the swimmers. “Those were the best tasting waffles that I have ever had,” was the general consensus of the swimmers, both young and older.

And making of the waffles was also a treat for the volunteers Roger and Marie Raboin.

The married couple helped out all day long while celebrating a very special day at the Kingdom Swim. “We had a great time making waffles along with numerous other tasks – teamwork all the way. The crew in “kitchen central” were pleasant and fun to work with and we enjoyed many laughs while getting the job done. The food was fabulous, an almost never ending supply. A day like Saturday makes me look at Newport with fresh new eyes, taking pride in our gem of a lake. Saturday was our 50th wedding anniversary and we chose to spend it in a fun way by giving back to this beautiful community. Life is good!

Photo courtesy of Roberta Moudry.

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