Three Days In Three Seas - Bigger And Better Than Ever

Three Days In Three Seas – Bigger And Better Than Ever

The Three Days In Three Seas in Israel is back and bigger than ever.

The unique 3-day 30K mass marathon swim is scheduled for November 2, 3 and 4. The field is limited to 200 participants who are interested in swimming 10K in the Mediterranean Sea, 10K in the Red Sea and 10K the Sea of Galilee.

The field will be separated in three possible groups: a 15 minutes per 1 kilometer pack, an 18 minutes per 1K pack and a 24 minutes per 1K pack.

Each group will be guided by one escort boat and two kayakers. Each pack will pause for hydration or fueling every 50 minutes.

With the water temperature around 25-26°C (77-78°F), no wetsuits are allowed – or needed. Swimmers who participate in all three swims will have the first priority while swimmers who participate in only 1 or 2 swims will receive a final confirmation 7 – 10 days before.

Interested swimmers should email Gadi Katz and specify their time for 1K, open water swimming experience, age and other relevant data. Each swimmer will sign a waiver and provide a doctor confirmation that they have no medical problem to participate in the challenge.

Email your interest here.

Photo courtesy of Talli Shiatsu Digitali.

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