Three Rivers Marathon Swim Alumni Relay

Three Rivers Marathon Swim Alumni Relay

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

The 30 km (18.6-mile) 3RMS (Three Rivers Marathon Swim) Alumni Relay included Anthony McCarley, Kimberly Plewa, Janet Kylander Manning, Melodee Nugent, and Tim Bachman swam in 30-minute legs for a 9 hours 8 minute swim in the three rivers of Pittsburgh. Observer Mike Nugent and kayakers Nikki Navarro and Jan Burton assisted in the 30 km (18.6-mile) swim that encompasses the Ohio, Monongahela and the Allegheny Rivers.

The 3RMS alumni swam the same format of the race since 2013, but the starting point moved from Heinz Field to the Allegheny Landing dock and finished at its permanent start in front of the fountain at Point State Park. The relay was powered by our escort boat “Catfish Hunter” that avoided a large barge in the Ohio River, a few Just Ducky tour boats in the Monongahela, and the afternoon traffic along Washington’s Landing, PNC Park and Heinz Field along the Allegheny River,” described race founder and director Darren Miller.

The weather was overcast and in the upper 60’s for the first 20 km and the skies opened up the final few hours for a welcomed sun for the final 10 km. A few wind gusts came up to 10-15 mph while the water temperature averaged in the mid-upper 70’s. Overall, it was a wonderful day with amazing group of friends. We are planning the kickoff of the September 2017 3RMS event with registration open for all swimmers beginning March 1st 2017.”

The Three Rivers Marathon Swim is a charity swim for the Forever Fund. The course includes a 10 km swim each in the Ohio River, Allegheny River, and Monongahela Rivers.

The alumni included:
*Melodee Nugent, 9 hours 15 minutes in 2014
*Anthony McCarley, 11 hours 31 minutes in 2014
*Janet Manning, 12 hours 24 minutes in 2014
*Sarah Thomas / John Humenik, 7 hours 48 minutes in 2015
*Kristin Josephine, 8 hours 25 minutes in 2015
*Chris Greene, 8 hours 35 minutes in 2015
*Kimberly Plewa, 10 hours 16 minutes in 2015

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