Three Rivers Marathon Swim Fills Up

Three Rivers Marathon Swim Fills Up

Courtesy of Darren Miller, Team Forever.

John Batchelder has had quite a year so far and he has a long way to go.

The Colorado swimmer started his season with the 24-mile Tampa Bay Marathon Swim which he did butterfly. Then he finished seventh in the 7-mile (11.2 km) Swim Around Lido Key in Florida and then headed off to the S.C.A.R. Swim Challenge in Arizona where he swam across Saguaro Lake, Canyon Lake, and Roosevelt Lake.

He will also compete in the 30 km Three Rivers Marathon Swim (3RMS) on September 23rd in Pennsylvania with the following swimmers:

Devon Clifford, Mamaroneck, New York
Paula Yankauskas, Hyde Park, Vermont
Tiffany McQueen, Fort Hood, Texas
Erica Flickinger, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania
Janice Burton, Frostburg, Maryland
Abigail Fairman, New York, New York

John Batchelder, Littleton, Colorado
John Humenik, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Leonard Jansen, Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania
Stephen Rouch, Indianapolis, Indiana
Christopher Graefe, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts
Thomas Minnock, Mars, Pennsylvania
Kenneth Lehman, Wexford, Pennsylvania
Kyle Gallagher, Rockville, Maryland

Team Forever will host the 4th Annual Three Rivers Marathon Swim that quickly sold out.

This unique open water swimming event benefits Team Forever, which donates 100% of the 3RMS profit to the Forever Fund,” explains race visionary and organizer Darren Miller.

The fund benefits local families in need of help to cover the costs associated with infant cardiothoracic surgery at the UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.”

We launch at 7 am with powered escorts, kayaking teams and all crew from Kayak Pittsburgh North Shore, and head over to the Point where swimmers will begin with a water start from the Point State Park Fountain. Swimmers will have two kayakers on either side of them at all times during the race.

Swimmers will swim north, current assist, along 5 km of the Ohio River where they will turn around at Brunot Island, and swim 5 km, against the current, back to the city. Once the swimmers hit the Point State Park 10 km mark, they will begin swimming against the current to the halfway point (15 km) on the Monongahela River, for the Hot Metal Bridge turnaround point Swimmers will return to the starting point once again for the 20 km mark. Swimmers will make the turn around the Point, and head out against the tide of 5 km of the Allegheny River to the 40th Street Bridge, and head back (current assist) the final 5 km to the Point (along the city-side of the Allegheny) the original starting point, for a buoy finish

The total distance is 30 km with 10 km in each of the three rivers in Pittsburgh: the Ohio River, the Monongahela River, and the Allegheny River. The water temperature will average 70°F.

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