Three's A Charm

Three’s A Charm

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Chloë McCardel is making her last preparations for another three-way attempt of the English Channel this weekend, weather permitting. She expects her attempt will take 35–40 hours in order to become the first Australian to do so, and only the fourth person in history to complete such a feat.

No one in the past 25 years has successfully completed a triple crossing, but McCardel is ready.

She returned to Dover from 6 days in Scotland where she swam in 11°C water in Loch Ness in order to give her body an opportunity to prepare for the nearly 2 days of cold of the English Channel.

30-year-old McCardel is now thoroughly prepared for the challenge of a non-stop triple crossing. She said, “I’m completing the three [English Channel crossings] within a week last month and swimming in Loch Ness has motivated me to power ahead. I’m now both physically and mentally prepared for 35 to 40 hours in the water when the conditions are as best as we could hope for.”

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