Tim Root Swimming Across The 'Train

Tim Root Swimming Across The ‘Train

As Tim Root drove across the world’s second longest bridge over a body of water, the seeds of his next marathon swim were planted.

Root is a 30-year-old marathon swimmer and masters swimming administrator from Baton Rouge, Louisiana who previously tackled the 27-mile END-WET swim, but his biggest challenge is soon coming up in Lake Ponchartrain.

Root created a 25-mile charity crossing of Lake Ponchartrain from Madisonville to New Orleans to benefit the Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital.

His effort is called the Swim Across the ‘Train. His window of opportunity begins on November 2nd in what he expects will be a 15-hour swim across Lake Pontchartrain, a brackish estuary located in southeastern Louisiana, north of New Orleans.

Donations for Swim Across the ‘Train may be made on the Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital website here.

Follow Root’s adventure and charity swim on his Facebook page here.

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Steven Munatones