To Infinity And Beyond

To Infinity And Beyond

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Their warm hearts apparently pump out ice in their veins. Their warm smiles reportedly melt the frost they walk on the shorelines.

Arguably, there are fewer more hardened and tougher brother-and-sister teams than Pádraig and Colleen Mallon.

They are taking their passion and enthusiasm to another level, offering their experiences and skills to help others achieve their dreams in the open water.

The duo has launched Infinity Channel Swimming and Piloting Services where “we take you beyond your limits and back again. We offer North Channel crossings [between Northern Ireland and Scotland], training camps and mind training.”

Because they have done everything from Ironman triathlons to ice miles, channel swims to marathon adventures, the Mallon’s most certainly have the first-hand knowledge and expertise to indeed take willing athletes – and non-athletes – beyond their limits.

Their piloting services offers piloting expertise for solo and relay crossings of the North Channel, Dál Riata, Isle of Man and Irish Sea.

They offer an open water swimming boot camp (June 12th – 15th 2015) in beautiful locations around Ireland where cold water acclimatization, nutritional advice, and support crew preparations will be detailed down to the last bit of Channel grease. They will help enable motivated swimmers to qualify for the North Channel via a variety of options:

Soloist Option 1: complete an 6-hour swim in water 13°C or below
Soloist Option 2: complete an 8-hour swim in 15°C or below within 9 months from the date of their North Channel slot
Soloist Option 3: complete a recognised event in water 13°C or below within 9 months from the date of their North Channel slot
Relay Option 1: complete a 2-hour swim in water 14°C or below or a 3-hour swim in 16°C or below
Relay Option 2: complete a recognised event in water 14°C or below within 9 months from the date of their North Channel slot

I am so delighted about my new venture and to offer this service to the swimmers of the open water world,” says Pádraig. “What an adventure each of them will have. This year and for many many more the North Channel will be the place to swim.”

For more information, visit here at and on Facebook.

Colleen Mallon shown above crossing the North Channel.

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