Hit The Wall To Infinity And Beyond

Hit The Wall To Infinity And Beyond

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Hit The Wall Open Water Swim Training by Infinity Channel Swimming is a 3-day open water training camp between May 29th-31st that covers physical and mental limits, safety issues, hydration, nutrition, learning, psychological development, distance swimming, water temperature acclimatisation and teamwork.

Participants include skin swimmers, wetsuit swimmers, fast and slow swimmers, short and long distance swimmers, relay teams and solo channel swimmers interested in improving techniques and speed in the open water while focusing on taking the mind and body to its limits and learning tools that are necessary in various channels and challenges.

Swimmers will be given tips on cold water swimming, feeding techniques, nutrition, the mindsets and psychology of swimmers and crew members, reaching their limits, crew support, night swimming, rough sea swimming, and jellyfish advice.

On May 29th, the course is held in Camlough Lake with a focus on night swimming and orientation with escort boats, glow sticks, kayakers in water that is expected to be between 12ºC and 16ºC. On May 30th, swimmers will practice a maximum of 3 hours in Warrenpoint Co. in a time trial with sheltered coastal swimming and video stroke analysis.

On May 31st, the swimmers will head to an undisclosed location in North Channel waters for unsheltered coastal swimming with potentially rough seas and large swells in water between 11ºC and 14ºC.

The cost is £50 + breakfast £8.

For more information, visit Facebook and Infinity Channel Swimming.

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