Toa o le Tai, Surf Life Saving Sports & Junior Guard Training

Toa o le Tai, Surf Life Saving Sports & Junior Guard Training

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Toa o le Tai is Samoan for Ocean Warriors and is the name of the program started in American Samoa.

Now the Toa o le Tai ® – Surf Life Saving Sports & Jr Guard Training program is going around the world and starting in Camden, New Jersey. “We are empowering athletes and inspiring ocean conservation,” explains co-founder Bruckner Chase.

Youth who participate in the Toa o le Tai® program will:

➢ Train, race and have fun learning open water swimming and paddle boarding skills like those used by ocean lifeguards in Australia, California, and South Jersey
➢ Train to compete in surf life saving races using rescue equipment, techniques and skills of ocean lifeguard athletes
➢ Learn how to be safe in and around the ocean and open water
➢ Discover the knowledge and skill required of ocean lifeguards, marine scientist and aquatic professionals
➢ Connect with ocean athletes and professionals at the Jersey Shore and around the world

Beginning on February 28th, the group will train Kroc Center of Camden Aquatic Center. “It is a virtual ocean with events and mentoring programs planned for summer at the beach in South Jersey,” explains Chase. “The participants should be between 13 and 18 years old and able to pass a basic aquatic skill and comfort test. Older participants will train to become mentors to younger swimmers.”

We will have open session tryouts February 28th with the first 4-week program on Sundays between March 8th and 29th,” says co-director Dr. Michelle Evans-Chase. “Our summer plans include Junior Guard events in South Jersey and opportunities for qualified, older participants to spend a day with professional ocean lifeguards on the beach. Everyone will learn about the aquatic sports of surf life saving as well as the ocean and marine environment while becoming effective mentors, teachers and leaders to protect our communities and environment. Bruckner and I will present along with top ocean athletes, coaches and marine experts.”

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