Toa ole Tai - Creating Oceans Heroes In Samoa

Toa ole Tai – Creating Oceans Heroes In Samoa

Bruckner Chase is working with Gene Brighouse of the Fagatele Bay National Marine Sanctuary and Sandra Lutu of the Department of Commerce in American Samoa on Toa ole Tai (Ocean Heroes) Program for American Samoa.

It is similar to a program that Olympian Shane Gould and Milt Nelms developed in Fiji with many of the same goals.

Their goal is to further develop a program designed to increase the safety of the youth in American Samoa. Concurrently and as a result, the program will also raise the awareness in the importance of protecting the waters.

The mentor program strengthens and rewards young people while achieving the following goals:
• Goal 1: Capacity Building
• Goal 2: Increased Quality of Life
• Goal 3: Community Action
• Goal 4: Community Partnerships
• Goal 6: Improve Health and Physical Development

The program also has the following process outcomes:
• Open water safety skills
• Increased knowledge of ocean conservation
• Open water swimming proficiency

The Honorable Governor also recognizes successful participants in the program by awarding them the following awards:
• Bruckner Chase Toa ole Tai {Highest Level}
• Bruckner Chase Fetu ole Tai {Level 2}
• Bruckner Chase Ama Taga ole Tai {Level 1}

These kinds of programs are being developed around the world and can only result in good.

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Steven Munatones