Tom Fristoe Named One Of Swimming's Most Impactful

Tom Fristoe Named One Of Swimming’s Most Impactful

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Tom Fristoe, a retired marathon swimmer, was named one of the 10 most impactful people in swimming by Swimming World Magazine (see here).

Swimming World Magazine CEO Brent Rutemiller explains, “Our sport is blessed with great people. Some are public figures, others work behind the scenes.” In addition to Fristoe who engineered to be the world’s top online club management system, the individuals named include:

1. Matt Farrell, Chief Marketing Officer, USA Swimming
2. Tom Ugast, CEO, Nation’s Capital Swimming
3. Alexander Sienkiewicz, Chief Marketing Officer,
4. David Arluck, CEO, Arluck Promotions
5. Susan Woessner, USA Swimming’s Safe Sport Director
6. Robert Allard, attorney representing sexual abuse victims
7. Craig Lord, Journalist, The London Times and owner
8. John Leonard, Executive Director, American Swim Coaches Association
9. Professor Brent Rushall, San Diego State University

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