Tom Hackett Ventures Across The Channel Wilderness

Tom Hackett Ventures Across The Channel Wilderness

Dr. Tom Hackett called upon his life’s experiences in order to complete his swim across the English Channel.

His crossing, under the guidance of Stuart Gleeson, was rough (read here). But the orthopaedic surgeon who has served as a team physician to the Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Dodgers, Los Angeles Kings, Anaheim Ducks, USA Snowboard Team and US Ski Team, has seen athletes perform under all kinds of situations and conditions. Now it was time for him to step up on the plate.

As a wilderness medicine and rescue specialist, Dr. Hackett knew things were heading south when his stroke count dropped from a high of 78 spm to lows in the 50s.

But the former carpenter, ski patrol, mountain guide and archaeologist dug deep, managed the pain and eventually stepped up on the French shore to join the exclusive company of English Channel swimmers.

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Steven Munatones