Too Hard To Keep Up With Chloë McCardel

Too Hard To Keep Up With Chloë McCardel

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Chloë McCardel continues to plow ahead towards Alison Streeter’s legendary 43 English Channel crossings record.

With yesterday’s 10 hour 29 minute crossing, she has swum across the English Channel eight times this season with Reg Brickell Jr. as her escort pilot and a total of 14 over the last two seasons.

She has now surpassed Cindy Nicholas and Des Renford with her 20th and 21st career crossings.

McCardel is the fourth-ranking swimmer on history’s Channel career crossing list behind Alison Streeter, Kevin Murphy and Michael Read at a young age of 31 years.

With her over 30,000,000 individual Google hits and gaining steam, McCardel is hard to keep up.

2016 English Channel Crossings:
10 hours 45 minutes on June 10th
10 hours 21 minutes on June 17th
9 hours 48 minutes on June 22nd
8 hours 51 minutes on September 11th
10 hours 0 minutes on September 20th
10 hours 0 minutes on October 9th
10 hours 19 minutes on October 22nd
10 hours 29 minutes on October 25th

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