Tools Of Swimming

Tools Of Swimming

Tools Of Swimming

Courtesy of WOWSA, Tracy, California.

It is cool when swimmers can do one-stop shopping for a variety of swimming products that can help them develop and train in the open water. On the FINIS website, swimmers can purchase the following:

Polarized Swim Goggles
With mirrored lenses, glare and distortion is reduced on bright sunny days. Sighting is improved especially when there is sun glare off water and when the sun is lying low on the horizon.

Center-mount Snorkel
Navigational challenges in the open water are often the greatest impediment to speed and performance. Swimmers can improve their navigational IQ by first learning how to swim balanced and streamlined with the center-mount snorkel.

Additionally, breathing in water when swimming in turbulent surface chop and small waves can be effectively eased by using the center-mount snorkel.

Agility Paddles
The agility hand paddles helps improve hand stroke patterns and enable an improved feel for the water. Additionally, the paddles can be enjoyed when body surfing.

Zoomers Fins
Zoomers help improve balance while swimming freestyle in the open water, especially in turbulent conditions. The Zoomers help improve strength of legs and kicking, a oft-ignored aspect of swimming freestyle by open water swimmers and triathletes.

Axis Buoy
The FINIS Axis Buoy is a dual-function pull buoy that can be used to kick and a pillow while traveling.

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