Torpedo Podcast with Capri-Napoli Winner, Josie Page

Torpedo Podcast with Capri-Napoli Winner, Josie Page

The Torpedo Swim Talk Podcast, hosted by Danielle Spurling, delves into the stories of masters swimmers around the world. In one of its episodes, Spurling interviewed Josie Page, a 24-year-old Australian swimmer who recently made had a victory in the Capri-Napoli 1st Open Competition.

Josie Page: A Rising Star in Ultra-Marathon Swimming

Josie’s win at the Capri-Napoli swim was notable for the manner in which she achieved it. Starting from Le Ondine Beach Club in Marina Grande, her consistent pace set her apart from the competition, including relay teams with rotating swimmers. Completing the swim in 7 hours, 13 minutes, and 34 seconds.

Key Takeaways

Josie’s Schedule: Josie is committed to her intense swimming regimen and plans to persist until either her body or mind signals a halt.

Future Swims: The iconic English Channel swim is on Josie’s radar. She also acknowledges Andy Donaldson’s role in unveiling a plethora of open water swimming challenges.

Challenges: Josie’s journey to the Capri swim was riddled with obstacles, notably the unexpected training restrictions in Rome. Her reliance on mindfulness, breathing, and visualization helped her deal with these challenges.

Training: Josie delves into her training routines, highlighting the significance of ocean swims and the essence of consistency. She also differentiates between the nuances of pool and ocean swimming.

Wildlife Concerns: The duo, Josie and Danielle, touch upon the potential threats of sharks during ocean swims in Western Australia. Josie expresses her relief at the absence of such concerns during her Mediterranean swim.

Protection: Sun protection is paramount during prolonged swims. Josie underscores the need for multiple sunscreen layers to fend off harmful UV rays.

Training Tips: Josie unveils her preferred training drills, goggles, and pre-race meals. She leans towards a protein-centric diet on the eve of a race.

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Photo credit: Josie Page Instagram