Torpedo Swimtalk With Danielle Spurling

Torpedo Swimtalk With Danielle Spurling

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Danielle Spurling, a teacher and coach from Melbourne, Australia has started her Torpedo Swimtalk podcast.

Spurling explains her podcast, “This podcast chats to elite masters swimmers from around the world, both pool and open water champions. Who are these unsung Masters superstars? Why do they swim? Many of them hold world records and quietly go about swimming amazing times and conquering feats people half their age are in awe of. Quite a few have unfinished business from their youth, and many have rediscovered their love of swimming. The comradeship and sense of belonging to the masters community are the bedfellows of these champions. So settle down with a cuppa, and listen to your weekly dose of all things masters swimming.”

Her guests to date have included:

* 70-year-old Jan Jeffrey, a 7-time FINA masters swimming world record holder, a breaststroke specialist and a 9-time age group winner at the Lorne Pier to Pub Swim. Listen here.

* Rod Watkins who achieved the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming in (English Channel, Catalina Channel, Manhattan 20 Bridges Swim). Listen here.

* Tim Boness, a FINA Top Ten alumnus and a 9-time winner of the 1.2 km Lorne Pier to Pub ocean race in Victoria, Australia. Listen here.

* Kirsten Cameron, a 12-time FINA masters swimming world record holder and New Zealand open water swimming champion. Listen here.

* Linley Frame, 1991 100m breaststroke FINA world champion. Listen here.

For more information and to listen to her podcasts, visit here.

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