Tough And Brutal Workouts

Tough And Brutal Workouts

Multi-world champion Thomas Lurz was interviewed by Swimming World Magazine about the intense two-week long-distance training camp, called Battle Training, that he and other world-class pool and open water swimming superstars (including Trent Grimsey and Chad Ho) are doing in Potsdam, Germany until January 17th.

Thomas said, among other things:

The training is tough and brutal. We did 102,000 meters in the first week. I had a three-week break [after the season was over] and it is pretty hard. We are going to do 75,000 meters this week, but there are three practices per day for three straight days.”

I sometimes have some shoulder problems when I swim in the waves and winds, but I feel OK. Every session we do a really tough. People are swimming fast [when we do sets like] 20 x 200 or 4 x 800 or 5 X 1500.”

One set was 20 x 200 @ 2:30 with a lactate testing after 10. Paul Beiderman can beat us in the short distance. He was averaging 2:06. I was averaging 2:10-2:12 which is bad for me, but good for the beginning of my season. I train with Jan Wolfgarten, Chad Ho and other good IM’ers, 1500-meter swimmers and open water swimmers. Everyone tries to race [during practice].

I will go home after this training is over. My first swim will be a 10K race in Setubal, Portugal in June.”

We will be very interested to see the results of the Battle Training come the summer open water swimming season.

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Steven Munatones