Tough Targeted Training At Tower 26

Tough Targeted Training At Tower 26

Two-time FINA World Masters champion Gerry Rodrigues will start up the Tower 26 open water workouts again on Friday in Santa Monica Beach in Southern California.

The water has warmed a bit (63-64°F)and we are ready to start at 6 am sharp,” announced Gerry.

These are tough and targeted workouts geared for massive improvements in small surf (1-2 feet) at 14-second intervals with flat, lake-like conditions.”

This week, we’ll do a moderately intensive workout around a tight two-buoy course as we practice the value of frequent sighting, how to enter the water in flat conditions and positioning. We run several circuits in different groupings, organized by speed.”

We asked Gerry about speed in the open water, something he knows about after winning the 5K open water swims at the FINA World Masters Championship in Indianapolis in 1992 and in Montreal in 1994. “Indianapolis was easy and flat with no wind, 5k. It was in the regatta basin where the world rowing championships were held. It came down to a two-man race after 4K and I kicked it in the final sprint.”

In Montreal, the M-shaped 5K course was held in 1976 Olympic rowing venue. The conditions were flat and calm. I learned a lot from this race. I thought I could win from the front and took it out hard trying to drop the field. I did establish a 25-meter lead, but then I blew up and saw [International Swimming Hall of Fame honoree] Paul Asmuth, [3-time Olympian] Djan Madruga, and three others go by me. I was dropped by 25 meters, but hung on. As with many races, the pace slowed just a bit with about 500 meters to go as everyone got ready for the final sprint. This allowed me back into the pack. I positioned myself well, then slung-shot up the holes to out-touch Paul at the end. I liked the Montreal venue because the spectators were able to walk along the sides close to us. It was very cool to get cheered along almost all the way.”

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