Tough To Tackle Tampa

Tough To Tackle Tampa

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

The 19th annual 24-mile Tampa Bay Marathon Swim was stopped mid-way by high winds. “With winds that gradually increased, the conditions led to a change of the cross-bay swim to a safer triangular contingency course.

But after battling for almost three and a half hours on an alternate, sheltered course, we halted the marathon swim due to safety concerns for the swimmers, boaters and kayakers
,” describes race founder Ron Collins.

The next Tampa Bay Marathon Swim will be held on April 22nd and will feature the following swimmers:

* Kristian O’Donovan, 37-year-old from Glenbeigh, Kerry, Ireland
* Patty Hermann, 57-year-old from Houston, Texas, USA
* John Batchelder, 36-year-old from Littleton, Colorado, USA
* Heather Roka, 31-year-old from Ft. Myers, Florida, USA
* Adel el Behiry, 26-year-old from Giza, Egypt
* Mighty Mermaids Relay, relay with Tracy Grilli (60), Nancy Steadman Martin (62), Christie Ciraulo (63), Veronica Hibben (60), Karen Einsidler (61), Jenny Cook (59)

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