The Toughest Swimmer In The World

The Toughest Swimmer In The World

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Casey Barrett of USA Swimming’s SwimNetwork writes colorfully and respectfully of Lynne Cox.

In his column, The Toughest Swimmer in the World, Casey writes, “Lynne Cox demands a different category all together. To call her the greatest open water swimmer ever misses the point.

She’s more like Magellan, the epic around-the-world explorer. Except, instead of navigating the world’s oceans aboard a king’s flagship, Cox has been IN these waters

He provides a pool swimmer’s perspective of one of history’s most prolific and accomplished open water swimmers with an insightful conclusion, “Thankfully, the masters of [open water] are finally beginning to get their due, with Olympic inclusion and a brighter spotlight on open water events. Yet it’s worth remembering that this is how it all started — this was the origin of Olympic swimming in the first place.”

It is wonderful that the traditional pool swimming world looks upon Lynne with such respect and awe…the greatly-appreciated article is here.

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Steven Munatones