TOWER 26 Be Race Ready Podcast Goes Live

TOWER 26 Be Race Ready Podcast Goes Live

TOWER 26 club member Jim Lubinski and Gerry Rodrigues launched a triathlon-specific swimming podcast series.

The TOWER 26 Be Race Ready podcast focuses on swim training and race demands for triathletes.

The purpose of the podcast is to educate athletes, coaches, race directors and their governing bodies, on being fully prepared and safe through the swim segment. TOWER 26’s “Be Race Ready” proven coaching philosophy, arrived from 32 years of triathlon swim coaching, is the model the podcast educational series is based upon,” explains Gerry Rodrigues.

Each TOWER 26, “Be Race Ready” podcast will dive into the most pertinent education needed to maximize your time investment with triathlon swim preparation. Included are: training prescription, open water skills for safety, anxiety reduction, training equipment, triathlon swim technique needs, volume requirements, coaching needs, breathing demands, and competitive value, to name a few.

A triathlete’s swim preparation is generally between one hour a week, for the time crunched, to 5-10 hours for the professional. A competitive swimmer devotes 20-30 hours a week. Are you spending your limited time wisely? You can’t miss these podcast if you want to be efficient and safe with your swim training for triathlon.”

The first show is here.

Jim Lubinski serves as the host.

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