Toxic Guanabara, Story Of A Sad Bay

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Episode 1 of the 3-episode short documentary series called Toxic Guanabara was released yesterday.

Toxic Guanabara is the story behind the polluted bay that threatens athletes on the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

In Episode 1, biologist and environmental activist Mário Moscatelli shows how his efforts in a project to de-pollute Guanabara Bay fell apart due to governmental mismanagement. Moscatelli then takes the viewer on a helicopter flight over the bay to show from the air just how bad the pollution problem in the bay really is.

The second episode of Guanabara Bay is scheduled for release on July 29th and the third and final episode will be released on August 1st on Figura Media’s YouTube Channel.

Toxic Guanabara is directed and produced by Thiago Da Costa, CEO of Brazil Production Services and Figura Media, specialized in film and TV production in Brazil and in the US.

Because the global media and most commentators do not understand the difference between Guanabara Bay and Copacabana Beach, most sporting fans think the triathlete and open water swimmers at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games will swim through the trash, sludge, body parts and toxic filth of Guanabara Bay,” says Steven Munatones of the World Open Water Swimming Association.

Unfortunately, the Olympic sailors will compete in Guanabara Bay, while the swimmers and triathletes are in a completely different environment in Copacabana Beach. But Thiago Da Costa has produced a much-welcomed educational film in Toxic Guanabara.”

Toxic Guanabara will help sports fans and media around the world to understand the horrific problems of Guanabara Bay as well as help increase awareness that understand that Copacabana Beach is separate and different with significantly fewer environmental problems.

Producer and director Da Costa explains, “Guanabara Bay in Rio de Janeiro where several of the upcoming Olympic events will take place, is currently involved in controversy. The pollution levels in the water are prompting Olympians worldwide to withdraw or take medicine before competing. This timely web series investigates the Brazilian government’s unkept promise to clean up the bay and examines the issues that affect this once pristine environment.

Toxic Guanabara tackles its subject by focusing on 3 concerned Brazilians citizens and examining their intimate relationships with the beloved and beleaguered bay

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* For a water quality report on Copacabana Beach, read here.

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