Training For A Crossing Of The Sea Of Cortez

Training For A Crossing Of The Sea Of Cortez

Six swimmers – 3 from Mexico and 3 from the US – will be attempting to set the world’s longest ocean swimming relay across the Sea of Cortez – 182 K from west to east across this gorgeous stretch of natural beauty.

International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame swimmer Nora Toledano, author of A cada brazada el azul interminable (With each stroke, the endless blue) with Antonio Argüelles, is well-prepared for this adventure that may take over 30 hours.

Her goals and motivations are clear, “I love swimming and I like challenges. I think sport challenges gives you some learning and strengh to face life’s challenges. I also love the swimming because I have met most of my friends through the sport, including Edna and Monica. In 2006 I was invited by Edna to swim to promote cancer prevention. This has given me one more meaning for each stroke I make. That was one of the reasons because I decided to get involve in the Sea of Cortez swim.

She discussed her training for a 182K, 30+ hour swim.

“I have been training specifically for this swim since December 2009: 6 day a week and 1 rest day. I swim about 30 KK per week and a long swim on the weekend with 2 gym sessions a week, a 10K run once or twice a week and one open water swim a month.”

Near Mexico City, where I live, there are a couple lakes, Alchichica Lake and Zirahuen Lake, and the Yautepec Rivera close to the city, called Las Estacas. My teammates, Monica and Edna, follow almost the same program.”

Training in the high altitude near Mexico City and training diligently has placed Nora is a right position to pull her weight in this record attempt.

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