Training For Cuba Day And Night

Training For Cuba Day And Night

Diana Nyad completed her 24-hour training swim today in St Maarten in the northern Caribbean Sea in her custom FINIS protective swimsuit to shield her from the venomous box jellyfish.

It was not an easy training swim as Nyad explains here.

While Penny Palfrey is training on Grand Cayman and put in 100 km (62 miles) in one 4-day training period, Nyad elected to do a number of 8-12 hour training swims before today’s 24-hour exploit.

These two women (Palfrey 49 and Nyad 62) are redefining what is possible physically and mentally in the extremely warm, jellyfish-strewn waters between Cuba and Florida where the sun beats down like solar knives in their backs while the salt concentration eats away at their membranes.

The clock is ticking to their start dates.

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