Transforming From Fearful To Fearless In The Open Water

Transforming From Fearful To Fearless In The Open Water

Ingrid Loos Miller just launched her third book in the Ironman Series called Fearless Swimming For Triathletes.

Ingrid takes a very real and difficult subject – the fear of the open water – and clearly and colorfully describes the obstacles facing anyone who ventures beyond the shore lines. From body surfing into the transition area to dealing with one’s fear of of sharks, her book is comprehensive and educational.

Writing for an audience of triathletes and newcomers to the endurance sports world, Ingrid’s compassionate approach makes practical sense for everyone who worries about sharks, waves, cold water, rough water, navigation and the confusion of large mass participation triathlons.

Ingrid has written an easy-to-understand road map to transform swimmers from fearful to fearless. Her latest book will help transform a number of triathletes and newcomes to become passionate open water enthusiasts.

There is plenty room in the open water for many more to jump in.

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Steven Munatones