Trash Glacier Threaten Hong Kong Waters

Trash Glacier Threaten Hong Kong Waters

Courtesy of South China Morning Post and BBC,Hong Kong.

Hong Kong’s beaches are increasingly the end game of an increasing amount of garbage coming from the sea from all over the Asia, from China and Taiwan to the Philippines and Vietnam.

Doug Woodring explained to the BBC about this mounting problem, “It may also be flowing from mainland China – possibly through illegal dumping or seasonal floods that washed rubbish into the sea along the Pearl River Delta. “A lot of stuff has Chinese writing on it, but where it entered the water, you don’t really know.”

On the island of Wailingding, located 20 km from Hong Kong, a ‘trash glacier’ keeps on sliding down the hill and into the sea, threatening an ecological disaster of unprecedented proportions. “That thing is twenty stories tall, that wall of trash. If there was a big typhoon, and it hit the right direction, the waves could come into the bottom and collapse the whole thing,” says Woodring. “It would be a natural disaster for Hong Kong.”

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